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Flo Cado Large Glass CO2 Drop Checker

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Flo Cado Large Glass CO2 Drop Checker
Price in Nature Points: 999
Product Code: DROP-FLO-CADO-L
Nature Points: 10
Availability: In Stock

The Flo Cado Large Glass CO2 Drop Checker is a fuse of quality and affordability; ensuring that you get an excellent quality glassware component, at an affordable price. Created with planted aquarists in mind, our drop checkers are suitable for everyone from beginners to experts. Designed to monitor the dissolved CO2 levels in your aquarium, a drop checker is arguably the most important tool in an aquascapers arsenal. A stable, sufficient level of around 30ppm CO2 is essential if you want to avoid algae and the many other problems associated with unstable CO2. A drop checker signifies an ideal level of CO2 by changing colour. Blue signifies not enough CO2, lime green is the perfect amount and yellow is too much.

The hand crafted, high quality glasswork ensures that it looks the part in even the highest quality nature aquarium, whether it be on display at the front of the tank or, thanks to the transparent properties of glass, hidden away at the back. Each drop checker is hand made and unique - varying ever so slightly in shape and appearance, helping in the pursuit towards creating a natural looking planted aquarium. At 6cm tall, 5cm wide and 3cm deep, this drop checker is perfect for larger tanks, but can be used in any size aquarium. The included suction cup ensures that the drop checker can be easily mounted anywhere inside the tank.

To use, you will need 4DKH solution and a pH reagent - usually Bromothymol Blue. Half fill the drop checker with 4DKH solution and then add a few drops of pH reagent - enough to turn the water a blue colour. The more drops of reagent you put in, the stronger the colour will be. If done correctly, the liquid inside the drop checker should now turn blue. Simply place in the aquarium, out of direct contact with the CO2 being diffused into the tank. It takes roughly 2-3 hours for the solution to react to the CO2 levels in the aquarium. You should aim for a lime green colour, as this signifies roughly 30ppm of CO2 - the ideal level for plants. The solution should be replaced while doing your usual tank maintenance, preferably once a week. For a much more detailed guide, please read this excellent article on UKAPS:

Product Details

  • Hand crated, high quality glasswork.
  • Suitable for any sized aquarium, but the larger dimensions make it ideal for larger tanks.
  • 4DKH and pH reagent not included.

Product Dimensions

  • 6cm x 5cm x 3cm (H x W x D)

Product Includes

  • 1 x Flo Cado Large Glass CO2 Drop Checker, 1 x Flo Cohesi Suction Cup
Depth 3
Height 6
Width 5
Colour Clear
Material Glass
Suitable for aquariums
Suitable for aquariums Any size
Weight 65g

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