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UP Inline CO2 Atomizer 16/22mm (D-508-16)

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UP Inline CO2 Atomizer 16/22mm (D-508-16)
Price in Nature Points: 2499
Product Code: ATOM-UP-D-508-16
Nature Points: 25
Availability: Out Of Stock

The UP 16/22mm Inline CO2 Atomizer is probably the most well known product in UP's range, and is a firm favourite with nature aquarium specialists around the world. Designed for use with an external filter with 16/22mm tubing, this CO2 diffuser sits between your filter and the filter outlet, ensuring that the CO2 has as much contact time with the water as possible. As a result, this atomizer dissolves CO2 very efficiently, and provides a stream of very tiny bubbles which exit directly out of your filter outlet.

This CO2 atomizer is made from high quality, smoked black plastic, making it very durable and reliable and thanks to the removable suction cups and its small dimensions, this atomizer can easily be mounted on the rear of the aquarium or inside a cupboard, allowing it to remain out of sight. Furthermore, because it is kept outside the aquarium, maintenance is a breeze.

To use this CO2 atomizer, simply connect it, in-line, to your external filter outlet pipe and tighten the nuts. Connect your CO2 regulator to the atomizers CO2 input with Flo CO2 Tubing and tighten the safety nut. Set the regulator working pressure to around 1 bar and wait for sufficient pressure to build up and begin forcing CO2 through the internal ceramic disc. If this doesn't happen within 30 minutes, gradually increase the working pressure until it does. Ideally, the tiny bubbles that the atomizer produce should spread evenly around the whole tank, ensuring a uniform spread of CO2.

Product Details

  • Suitable for external filters with an internal pipe diameter of 16mm.
  • Produces very fine bubbles which have a long contact time with the water.
  • Safety-NutsR system ensures the CO2 tube remains tightly locked in.

Product Dimensions

  • 11cm x 7cm x 4.5cm (H x W x D)

Product Includes

  • 1 x UP 16/22mm Inline CO2 Atomizer
Depth 4.5
Height 11
Width 7
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Suitable for aquariums
CO2 Method Pressurised
Suitable for aquariums Any size
Inner Diameter 16mm
Outer Diameter 22mm
Weight 145g

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